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ARM C++ constructors are different

Programmers who have, like me, come to ARM from other architectures may find one or two things surprising.

For example, the following code is quite simple C++:

But if we compile it and examine it with gdb, there’s something a bit unexpected:

The types of the constructor and destructor are not quite what we might expect. Traditionally a C++ constructor or destructor does not return a value, however on ARM things are different – the constructor returns a pointer to class A, and the destructor returns a pointer to void.

Why is this the case? On ARM constructors and destructors are specified differently in order to provide scope for optimizing calls to a chain of constructors or destructors while minimizing the pushing stack frames (tail call optimization). There’s a very helpful document available here called the C++ ABI for the ARM Architecture which details the differences between the ARM ABI and the Generic GNU C++ ABI including this little quirk.

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